Dubai Design Week is Here

There are a couple of very special moments in the year that get us really excited. Dubai Design Week has to be one of those!

Have you visited our studio yet? If so, you already know how much of a gourmet design lover we are… If you haven’t, then we have concocted two very special events that will give you the prefect reason to come and visit us!

As a start, we thought we would allow all our fellow gourmet and design enthusiasts to enjoy our signature Culinary Art class so all of you can fine-tune your cooking skills. On Wednesday October 26, our chefs will teach you how to master professional tricks and delicate techniques while cooking a sophisticated three-course menu at a very – very special price: 150AED!

What’s more, we got super inspired by the design vibe and we’ve designed a really special event open to everyone on Friday, October 28, for free!

Now we are torn between telling you all of it or letting you discover the surprise… Nadira decided to pay a tribute to Dubai from her kitchen – and we are not talking about Dubai’s gourmet specialties (Oh no… Too obvious for us J) . No, we are talking design here!… Nadira simply decided to replicate the making of our wonderful city of Dubai, in her kitchen…Think sand, stone, cement, construction workers buzzing everywhere, hard hats, cement mixers and skyscrapers… the full monty… We will take you through a journey of culinary discoveries.

From the raw material, to the transformation, to the final master piece. Fascinating, mouthwatering and delicious!

Incredible food design to be admired and tasted together on-site. A one-off experience into the fascinating world of culinary design, surrounded by music and art in the vibrant atmosphere of the cooking studio.

Let’s be honest, there is so much fun and excitement involved in the preparation currently at the studio that we cannot wait to welcome you.

See you on Wednesday 26th (limited seats, please book as soon as possible), and on Friday 28th, from 2 pm to 9 pm. Come whenever you like, be it for 10 minutes or 2 hours and bring your friends and family along for a unique moment of pure joy, food design and gourmet fun!