Ready-pack-and-go! 6 healthy lunch boxes your kids will love

Back to School (Yay!) – Daily lunch box challenge (Oh no!)
Summer has been great, we had the family time we were longing for, and the lighter, healthier summer food we naturally get back to when on holiday. We felt relaxed, happy and energized…
Well, how about keeping up with the healthy food habits? We all do have a sense of sensible nutrition’s basic do’s and don’ts (do: proteins + calcium + fresh fruit and veggies + carbs. Don’t: over use processed food, salt and sugar. Right…), the thing is that all that processed food with its funky, colorful, ready-packed portions does often look like a Oh-so-much easier option when it comes to packing the kids lunch boxes!

Believe it or not. On the long run, it’s not. Balanced lunches-on-the-go can be made as easy. Promised! Plus, they are much funnier and immensely more rewarding, today and later. Really small changes in your lunch box packing routine can help you raise a healthier eater.

Hold on, it’s not about spending the night working in the kitchen on a piece of gastronomy for toddler… No. We love gastronomy, we love toddlers. But, just… no. Let’s be down-to-earth moms. It is just about making sensible choices at the supermarket (my personal rule: if I can’t spell what’s written on the label, I probably don’t want my kids to eat it), having a bit of family fun in the kitchen every now and then, and making sure my kids will actually eat their lunch and not their little friends’ one! …

We’ve been around our kitchen studio and trusted friends circle and asked them about their all times lunchbox favorites…

We’d love to know yours. Please share your own tips and recipes in the comments below!

  1. Caro’s wraps on whole-grain tortillas

Add turkey ham, lettuce and cream cheese,

Or crispy veggies and cream cheese,

Or avocado and sesame

Or chicken, apple slices and shredded cheese

Or hummus and cucumber

roll and go!

  1. Geny’s heart and stars shaped, whole grain bread sandwiches

What do you think a princess’s tuna/cheese sandwich looks like?

It looks lovely of course, in a heart shape! add a sprinkle of sesame seeds so it tastes even better.

…And how about this egg sandwich in a star shaped brown bread?

  1. Iris’s Mini muffins

Zucchini and cheese, or turkey ham and cheese, or tuna and olives…

Bake them in cupcakes baking pans so they look cute and yummy!

  1. Vero’s mice egg/radishes

A winner. Boiled eggs + radishes turned into pretty mice.

Cut the boiled egg into two halves. Use slices of radish for the ears, chives for the eyes and tail. All it takes is 2 seconds and many smiles. Pack them on a leaf of salad, with a piece of emmental. Bim. You’ve just been elected the school’s best mum ever.

  1. Laura’s Apple sandwiches

A fruit option … spread peanut butter between two slices of apple. Try to not eat it. Pack it in your kid’s box and keep the left overs for your own lunch!

  1. Our all-time favorite: The French pancake – la crepe!

Fill it with anything sweet or savory: melted cheese and scrambled eggs / tomato and mozzarella / honey / jam or just a bit of sugar. Pack some greens and fruits on the side. They can be prepared ahead and are an all time winner!

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